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Study Objective

A multi-center, international registry aimed at improving the understanding of the safety and ease of deployment using HydroSoft coils.  Several lines of evidence suggest that stabilizing the aneurysm’s neck, even more than filling the aneurysm dome, may predict better long term outcomes.  Further, placement of hydrogel material along the aneurysm/ parent vessel interface may be associated with enhanced healing of aneurysms.  The HydroSoft coil was developed in order to allow placement of Hydrogel-bearing embolic coils into small remaining spaces, especially late in the embolization procedure and along the aneurysm neck. 

The Gel-the-Nec registry will offer, in a large cohort of patients from multiple centers, detailed information about the safety and ease of use of the HydroSoft coil, and will offer important information for planning definitive, long term efficacy trials in the future.


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